In this episode, we dive deep with Simon Ree, the acclaimed author and founder of Tower of Trading, on the art of trading as a powerful secondary income stream. Simon, known for his insightful book "The Tao of Trading," brings his wealth of knowledge to the table, demystifying the complex world of trading for our audience.

In this enlightening conversation, Simon sheds light on the crucial differences between investing and trading. He emphasizes the strategic importance of choosing high-probability moments for risk exposure, offering listeners a clearer path to successful trading. For those new to the trading scene, Simon lays out a roadmap starting with the foundation of education and how to pick the right training program that can set you up for success.

Moreover, Simon delves into the advantages of options trading, providing valuable advice on risk management and the necessity of emotional control in the trading environment. He stresses the significance of consistency and cultivating a mindset geared towards trading success.

Beyond the strategies and tips, this episode takes a meaningful turn to discuss mental health in the context of trading.

Whether you're a novice eager to explore trading as a secondary income or an experienced trader looking to refine your strategies, this episode is packed with actionable insights and wisdom from one of the industry's best.

🌟 Episode Highlights:

01:40 Understanding trading and its potential as a source of income
03:18 What to do first if we want to start to trade
04:51 What is trading, exploring different financial instruments for trading and the benefits of options trading
08:58 Setting up a brokerage account and determining the starting trading budget
10:50 Expected returns and realistic goals
14:58 Risk Management and dealing with setbacks
16:55 Developing the right mindset for trading
18:35 Characteristics of successful traders
20:23 Pitfalls to avoid for beginner traders
24:55 Learning from personal setbacks
26:11 Practical steps to becoming a trader
29:03 Daily routines for traders
32:44 Final advice for aspiring traders




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