Join host Ani Filipova in this special episode of the "Change is Possible" podcast as she interviews Roberto Ferraro, a renowned visual illustrator, banker, transformational coach and LinkedIn top voice.

With a vibrant following of over 200,000 on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, Roberto shares the secrets behind blending his passion for art with a thriving career in banking and personal development.

Delve into his experiences with cryptocurrency mining, the intricacies of proof of work, and key takeaways from his entrepreneurial journey, including a startup failure.

Roberto also discusses his evolution as an illustrator and how engaging with an online community can lead to profound personal growth.

Tune in to discover how Roberto Ferraro masters the art of balancing multiple careers and his insights into successful digital networking.

Expect to Learn:

Integrating side interests with work: enhance productivity and satisfaction

Adapting to change: key to personal and professional growth

Effective time management: using automation and systems

Enhancing creativity and networking online

Leadership in change management

Turning failures into opportunities

Making daily tasks enjoyable

And much more!

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🌟 Episode Highlights:

00:00 Introduction and Trailer

02:07 Meet Roberto Ferraro

04:31 Embracing Change and Reinvention

06:07 Insights from Crypto Mining

10:52 Startup Successes and Setbacks

17:58 Exploring Visual Art and Illustration

23:42 Balancing Careers in Banking, Coaching, and Art with Family Life

33:13 Staying Motivated Amidst Challenges

37:14 Combining Banking, Tech, and Art: A Unique Perspective

42:42 Top Three Tips for Adapting to Change

44:34 Making Everyday Tasks Enjoyable

46:40 Roberto's Most Memorable Day and a Personal Revelation





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