Embark on a captivating journey with Ani Filipova as she delves into a riveting conversation with Franck Benhamou. Explore his remarkable transition from a corporate executive to an innovative entrepreneur and dedicated minimalist. In this insightful interview, Franck unveils his unique path to success, offering invaluable insights into the power of minimalism and the pursuit of true freedom.

What You'll Learn:

Defining Goals: Franck discusses the crucial step of identifying what you truly want in life and strategically planning to achieve it.

Financial Minimalism: Learn how reducing fixed expenses and focusing on value creation can simplify your life.

Embracing Minimalism: Discover Franck’s unique approach to minimalism—not just as a way to declutter physically but as a strategy to achieve greater life freedom.

Career and Lifestyle Alignment: Insights into selecting a career that harmonizes with your desired lifestyle.

Action Over Perfection: Franck stresses the importance of taking action now, rather than waiting for the perfect moment.

Nomadic Entrepreneurship: Follow Franck’s current adventure across Europe, building a business from the ground up, while living as a nomad.

Marketing & Positioning: Franck highlights how to stand out in today's competitive business environment.


00:00 Trailer

00:18 Intro

02:16 Transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship.

05:53 Creating a plan for financial freedom.

10:26 Managing the transition period and working on his first project.

13:14 Advice for mid-career professionals who want to change their life.

17:57 Advice for young people starting their career.

21:18 Embracing a minimalist life.

27:41 Questioning traditional views on work and education.

35:45 The nomad lifestyle: finding balance and new perspectives.

38:50 Crossing Europe: building a business from scratch.

43:58 Learning from failures and adapting in business and life - how to stand out.




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