Join us in this enlightening episode as we explore the remarkable journey of Rajesh Mehta, a visionary international executive whose 40-year career at Citibank spanned 12 jobs across eight countries and four continents. Discover the secrets behind his transparent leadership, unwavering integrity, and the dynamic changes he embraced in the banking industry. From sharing invaluable insights on navigating the complexities of global banking to imparting the core qualities needed for success in the sector, Rajesh's story is a masterclass for aspiring bankers and leaders alike.

In this exclusive interview, Rajesh delves into the essential skills and qualities that have propelled his career, such as:

  • The importance of curiosity and a deep interest in economics and markets.

  • Cultivating resilience and people skills for enduring success

  • Embracing transparency and authenticity to foster trust and effective communication

  • Navigating the challenges of growth, future-proofing, and talent management in a rapidly evolving industry

  • Understanding and collaborating across generations within the banking sector

  • Adapting to the relentless pace of change, driven by technological innovation and societal shifts

Rajesh also shares his perspective on the future of banking, highlighting Asia's growing influence on the global economic stage and the critical need for continuous learning and adaptation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights from one of the banking industry's respected figures. Whether you're a mid to senior leader, an aspiring banking professional, or someone interested in the leadership principles that drive success in high-stakes environments, this episode is for you.

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🌟 Episode Highlights:

00:00 Intro.

01:53 Rajesh Mehta's backstory.

03:09 Qualities for thriving in banking.

05:27 Common myths about banking.

06:45 Transitioning into a leadership position.

11:48 Rajesh's leadership principles.

18:17 Dealing with transparency and vulnerability.

20:56 Rajesh's strategies for starting a new role.

26:33 Finding time for learning and staying on top of trends as a Senior Exec.

29:43 Key banking trends.

34:11 Rajesh's advice for people who are in mid-career and in the baking industry.

37:46 Challenges for Senior Executives to lead their organisations through so much change.

40:25 Are today's companies too big to manage?

42:30 Working with different generations.

46:41 Qualities to look for in job candidates

48:11 If someone is joining banking today - what should they expect?

49:10 Is the future Asian?

52:46 New beginnings after 40 years of a corporate career.




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