Hi everyone and welcome to Episode 25 of the Change is Possible podcast.
My guest is Simon Clarke. He is a Managing Director with Citibank Private bank and his career spans 38 years.
You know how in the last several years people started to look for more meaning and flexibility. Many are looking for a career change. In this environment, Simon is someone who seem to have found a balance and purpose and enjoys his work and his life. Also he has amassed a 57000 people following on LinkedIn where he shares financial tips, anecdotes and career lessons.
So, I want to understand how is he doing this.
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Here is what we spoke about:
(00:44) Intro
(01:50) Starting a career in banking with a degree in Spanish and French
(03:35) Qualities and skills sought after in new hires for the  banking industry
(06.40) How are the banking jobs changing
(09:40) What should people in their mid-career focus on to be ready for the future
(12.32) Simon’s mid-career change
(14:12) The importance of building a personal brand in the online space
(17:55) Corporate policies and building a personal brand
(19:40) Drawing inspiration to post on LinkedIn every day
(23:47) Finding balance and purpose in career and life
(28:08) How to bridge the generational divide
(30:57) Three top qualities that helped in his career
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