This is episode 24 and my guest today is an amazing young lady - Karolina Attspodina. She started her career in the digital marketing space, then founded her first company in the events industry, sold it, and started advising and mentoring startups around the world. Today she is the CEO and co-founder of a solar tech startup, We Do Solar. The company offers a smart balcony solar solution that can help people lower their dependence on grid energy while reducing their CO2 footprint by up to 600kg (that’s 1000m2 of the forest ) and saving up to 25% of annual electricity costs. Karolina is a passionate supporter of sustainable green innovations that help fight climate change and pollution.

Here is what we spoke about:

01:50 Her early life, education, and what she dreamt of becoming when she was a teenager

05:30 The start of her work trajectory

08:02 Founding her first company

10:35 Entrepreneur vs. employee

13:02 Move to green tech

17:40 How do you start a new company

21:23 What helped her to succeed in three different industries

23:51 Financial discipline and style of life

26:40 Financing her companies

28:47 Advice for young people who want to start in green tech

30:31 Advice for mid-career professionals to move to green tech

32:29 Top three takeaways for people who wish to change their careers

36:27 Karolina talking about her company,

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