My guest in this episode is Morgan McKenney.

She is the CEO of Provenance Blockchain Foundation, a public blockchain built specifically for financial services and used by over 50 financial institutions today. In this role, she is focused on helping financial services participants leverage the value of digital money, digital assets, and blockchain to transform financial services and deliver material business and customer value.  

Before Provenance Blockchain, she was a special advisor to Centre, focused on the trusted use of stablecoins starting with USDC. She spent nearly 18 years at Citi in various senior operating roles worldwide.  

I met Morgan in Hong Kong – we used to work together for 4 years. Then she went back to the US, where she became the COO of Citi's Global Consumer Banking business, reporting to Jane Fraser, the current CEO of Citibank. 

In our conversation, we spoke about her fascinating career journey, the skills that helped her career grow, the importance of international assignments, her career after leaving a large financial institution, and much more!

I asked her to share three key takeaways to help with career change. She added a bonus one, so here are her FOUR essential pieces of advice: 

  1.     Take the stretch role; take leaps in your career to maximize your potential.

  2.     Be in tune with what motivates you:  like your boss and like your content.

  3.     Embrace change as an opportunity to learn.

  4.     Collaborate and extend a helping hand, and nurture your network. 

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