What do you get when you
cross aeronautical engineering and a beekeeper?


Well…you will get our next
guest – Sergey Petrov.


Join us as he takes us on
an exciting journey from purely engineering work to tackling one of the
biggest threats to our food supply - the extinction of bees.


And get ready
to be inspired!


Here is what we spoke about:


(01:07) Intro

(02:10) Sergey’s childhood, why he
became an engineer

(03: 31) First job

(05:16) The engineering years

(09:00) The moment when he connected
tech and climate and food problems

(10:24) The Singularity university, NASA, and the start of his beekeeping “career”

(14:36) Quitting his job and tackling
the bee extinction problem

(17:01) Start-up challenges

(19:34) If you do it again, what will
you change?

(21:33) How to manage company

(23:15) Transitioning from one
industry to another

(24:28) His company and mission

(30:55) 3 key takeaways for a
successful change


Find Sergey Petrov here:  https://pollenity.com/
and here https://istinskimed.bg/about-us/sergej-petrov-istinski-med/


WATCH THE PODCAST ON  YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI1aeNZ-2lqnp9l1VJu2FOQ



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