Join our host, Ani Filipova, as she delves into the dynamic world of tech with Anna McDougall, a former opera singer turned influential software engineer and author. In this engaging episode, Anna highlights the creative synergies between programming and opera singing, demonstrating how both fields require robust problem-solving skills and a deep reservoir of creativity. She shares her transformative journey from the opera stage to the tech industry, emphasizing resilience and the continuous learning needed to succeed.

Anna discusses the insights from her #1 Amazon Bestselling book, "You Belong in Tech: How to Go From Zero Programming Experience to Hired," offering actionable advice for anyone looking to break into tech. She also reflects on her powerful TEDx talk, "Finding and Proving Your Value as a Career Changer," inspiring listeners to reassess the value career changers bring to their new industries.

Learn how Anna used Twitter to navigate her career shift and why effective communication is so vital in tech.

This episode is a must-listen for career changers, tech enthusiasts, or anyone curious about blending arts with technology.

🌟 Episode Takeaways:

Learn the skill of career transition: from digital marketing to opera singing to software engineering.

Learn how to build and lead people-driven tech teams effectively.

Gain insights into breaking into tech with no prior programming experience.

Get inspired by Anna's strategies for communicating complex tech concepts easily.

Understand the creative parallels between the arts and tech innovation.

Hear firsthand how social media can open doors to new career opportunities.

Discover practical tips for career changers in the tech industry.


00:00 Intro

01:54 Who is Anna and what is her story

03.25 How do you know that you are ready for a career change - from marketing to Opera singer

05.22 Second career change - becoming a software engineer.

09:09 The common thread between programming and opera singing

12:44 How to break into tech at 33 with a newborn baby in a foreign country after being an opera singer.

19:01 Using Twitter to land a job

21.36 Skills needed if you want to work in tech

25:37 Misconceptions about the tech industry

28:45 Finding your value as a career changer

31:20 The NNQ (names, numbers and quotes) system to present your value as a career changer

34:30 What societal perceptions would Anna change to make the life of career changers easier?





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