Join us in this empowering episode as Ani Filipova takes us on a journey from the executive suite to entrepreneurial freedom.
Building on the insights from ep. 46, where she outlined her vision for a life beyond corporate constraints, Ani now offers practical advice and actionable steps for anyone looking to transform their career aspirations into reality.
Discover the strategies Ani employed to transition from a high-powered corporate position to a thriving entrepreneur, embracing the challenges and rewards of charting a new course. This episode is a deep dive into the process of career metamorphosis, designed to inspire and guide you through your own transformation.
Key Episode Highlights:
Conquering Fear and Ego: Strategies to overcome the mental barriers to career change. Networking and Mentorship: Importance of community and advice in navigating new paths.Beyond Starting from Scratch: How past experiences, knowledge, and skills fuel your journey into entrepreneurship.

00:00 Intro
00:54 Overcoming Ego and Fear in Leaving Corporate Life
04:03 Building Your Support Network Through Mentoring
05:32 The Myth of Starting from Zero in Career Transformation

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