Frank, former Head of Asia of LinkedIn Talent and Learning Solutions, left his role after eight years to pursue a new path focused on helping others find fulfilment in their careers. He has embarked on a journey to bring to the world what he calls "Nextplay," a framework for career transformation and personal growth.

In this episode, Frank shares insights from his career transition journey. He describes leaving LinkedIn and shifting to a purpose-driven path that aligns with his vision of impacting people's lives more directly. The conversation explores his planning and preparation for this transition, financial considerations, and overcoming doubts and fears.

Expect to Learn:

- How finding a fulfilling career is easier when your personal vision aligns with your organisation's mission, fueling satisfaction and fulfilment.

- Why transitioning to a purpose-driven career can be more rewarding and energising when it aligns with your passion, as seen in Frank's journey from LinkedIn to coaching and pro bono work.

- The crucial role financial planning plays in a successful career change, ensuring you anticipate a reduced income while maintaining a sustainable lifestyle.

- How the Nextplay framework can guide you to establish a new identity, learn new skills, and take action through experimentation to find joy and fulfillment.

- Why taking action despite doubts can lead to increased creativity, fulfillment, and success in a new career by embracing steps toward your goals even when fears persist.

And much more!

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🌟 Episode Highlights:

01:43 Introduction to the 'Changes Possible' podcast.

02:05 Frank discusses his decision to leave LinkedIn

05:00 Frank highlights his transition plan and preparations for leaving LinkedIn.

09:00 Financial, personal, and professional considerations before leaving a company.

10:35 How to leave a company on a good note and ensure smooth transition.

14:10 Embracing new opportunities and dealing with the emotional aspects of leaving a job.

16:36 Transitioning to a new career phase - Detailed breakdown of the 'Nextplay' framework for career transition.

21:15 Addressing doubts and fears during career transitions.

24:15 The impact of losing a significant professional identity and redefining self-worth.

28:50 How do you let go of your title

31:53 "What is the worst that will happen?" approach to decide to take the next step.

35:02 Overcoming hesitation and the importance of taking action during transitions.

37:41 How taking action can positively affect mental health and creativity.

39:10 Advice for those feeling stuck in their careers and how to find a new direction.





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