In this episode, I will meet you with Hannah Genton -  a Berkeley school of law graduate and a former start-up attorney turned entrepreneur. After years of practice in one of Silicon Valley's leading law firms, she realized it was never quite enough, regardless of how much she accomplished. Additionally, the extra workload she was required to take on left her sacrificing family time, especially after the birth of her first child. This fueled the belief that there must be a better way to honor her professional and personal life.

This is why she co-founded a very different law firm - CGL was born with the idea of giving its attorneys an unprecedented level of freedom and autonomy. This meant choosing where they worked and committing to a set number of hours each week. It was a success, and now, CGL offers on-demand legal services for companies and law firms alike.

Hannah said that the first thing she did when starting her company was to google " How to start a law firm" - she had no business experience in how to set things up.

"In the law, you often know the answer; there is a rule and a way things are done. As an entrepreneur - it is kind of blank slate, and you figure it out."

This is what she said about her experience leading her legal firm: " I never expected how much I would love my job and that it was even possible to feel that way."

Here are Hannah's  key takeaways for anyone who is leaving their corporate career to become an entrepreneur:

- Having a sound financial plan will give you creative freedom and time to pause intentionally so that you can plan the future.

- Don't be afraid to fail; every failure is a learning opportunity.

- Take the plunge, despite the fact it is scary.

Please tune in to hear more about her journey after quitting her corporate job to create her own company and life.

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