In this episode you will hear from Frank Koo - Head of Asia in LinkedIn

Frank started his career with IBM in Singapore after graduating from university with a business degree. He then spent 11 years in Oracle, where he headed up various business functions, including managing director for Singapore and South Asia growth economies.

In 2010, Frank pivoted into the education sector, initially with Pearson Education, where he led its Learning Solutions business based in China. He later joined an education start-up in Shanghai as their Chief Operating Officer.

In 2016,  Frank returned to Singapore to join LinkedIn.

Frank shared that his life purpose is to help people and teams achieve positive transformation with joy. He is passionate about assisting people in leveraging the LinkedIn platform to inspire others and navigate their career transformation through the Great Resignation.

Frank's three key takeaways for anyone planning a career pivot are:

1. Always see yourself as a "work in progress."

2. Be ready to take intelligent risks

3. Build a network

Please tune in to hear more about what helped him in his career pivots across industries, critical trends in the talent market today, essential skills needed in the future, and more.

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