In this episode, my guest is Binod Shankar.

He started in industrial banking in India before moving to work for KPMG, Andersen, and Ernst and Young. He then joined Nakheel Inc, the iconic Dubai property developer, and was promoted to Finance Director.

After 17 years of corporate career, Binod quit his Executive Director job as a listed asset manager to co-found and lead Genesis. Under his leadership, Genesis quickly became a highly respected training company, also the largest CFA prep provider in the Middle East. It was acquired by Kaplan Inc, the global training and publishing giant.

He is a platform speaker, an executive coach, a regular blogger, a frequent market analyst on CNBC and Bloomberg, and the host of the RFM podcast ( that focuses on finance careers.

Binod says that if you want to pivot your career you should choose an area you are truly brilliant at. You should be not merely 20% or 50% better. You should be 100% better than the competition. 

Listen in for more tips and practical advice for successful career pivots. 

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